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AEC Used FG2007 Cooling Tower (125 ton) and T1600D-25-25-10 Pump Tank Set, 460V, 2013

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Manufacturer AEC
Year 2013
Model FG2007 & T1600D-25-25-10
Voltage 460V
Cooling Capacity 125 ton
Cooling Tower:       
    Make:    AEC
    Model:    FG2007 @ 125-tons each
    Year:    2013
    Voltage:    460/3/60
    QTY:    2
    Fan HP:    5
    Length:    82"
    Width:    82"
    Height:    121"
    Weight:    1,500 lbs
    Fiberglass reinforced polyester molded shell   
    Designed for 78-deg ambient wet bulb temp   
    85-deg leaving water temp   
    95-deg entering water temp   
Pump Tank:       
    Make:    AEC
    Model:    T1600D-25-25-10
    Year:    2013
    # of Pumps:    3
    Process Pump:    25HP
    Stand-by Pump:    25HP
    Recirc Pump:    10HP
    Voltage:    460/3/60
    Capacity:    1,345 Gal
    Total Capacity:    1,550 Gal
    Construction:    Stainless Steel
    Length:    138"
    Width:    72"
    Height:    77"
    Weight:    4,000 lbs
    Dual Compartment   
    Auto makeup valve   
    Not Insulated   
NEMA 12 Pump Tank Control Panel       
Total Panel HP:    65HP   
VFD for Process Pump       
WF Stainless Steel WF750 SS Water Filter       
Max GPM:    750   
Basket Mesh:    40   
Flange Connection    6"   
WF Stainless Steel WF350 SS Water Filter       
Max GPM:    350   
Basket Mesh:    80   
Flange Connection    4"   
Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger       
1,500,000 Btu's at 300 gpm       
4" connection size       
84 plates       
Length:    45.8"   
Width:    20.5"   
Height:    72.5"   
Weight:    1857 lbs

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