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Engel Used Victory 200/100Tech US LSR Molding Machine, 100 US ton, Yr. 2015, 3.35 oz.

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Manufacturer Engel
Year 2015
Model Victory 200/100 Tech US
Voltage 460V
Shot Size 3.35 oz.
Clamping Force 100 US ton
LSR Molding Machine

Controller:  CC300
Clamp style:  servo hydraulic tiebarless
Platen size:  29.13" x 26.77"
Max daylight:  31.5"
Clamp stroke:  19.69"
Min mold height:  11.81"

Equipped with:  core pull, robot interface
Microcomputer CC300 package including:
LSR-package (instead of thermoplastic equipment) consisting of:
- bi-metallic (M3), water cooled barrel, L/D=16
- nitrided (S1) screw including spring-loaded check disk 30 mm diameter
- material pressure gauge in material feeding
- preparation for material filter packet (housing only)
- preparation for pneum.material shut-off valve 1/2"
(electrical equipment, software and pneumatics)
- injection pressure limited in manual operating mode
- program flushing with LSR component
- program evacuation
(incl. the required inputs and outputs)
- screen text "cure time" instead of "cooling time"
meshes for LSR filter consisting of different mesh sizes
interface and program for ejection-handling,
including tripple corepull

Dimensions:   59" x 83" x 191"
Weight:  14,200 lbs.